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Moondog D-Fog

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Moondog D-Fog spray suppresses the formation of fog in your goggles. It causes natural condensation to form into heavy droplets, which drip off your goggles providing clearer visibility.

• Spray solution lightly on clean lenses. Shake off excess and let air
dry. You may wear goggles wet if needed. A slight film may develop.
Do not wipe off! Spray liberally to clean dirty goggles. Reapply as

• Keep your goggles clean. Fog develops on dirt and body oils.
• Avoid touching your lenses with your bare fingers. This deposits skin oils and dirt on your lenses.
• Close up the lower vents of your goggles. Moisture from your breath will cause fogging.

• After every game, rinse off your goggles throughly with dish-washing liquid and warm water.
• Skin oils bonding to dried D-Fog solution may deposit over time forming a visible film. Use a heavy application of dish-washing liquid and hot water, rubbing the lenses clean with your wet fingers under water, then allow to air dry.
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