Battery won't fit in retractible stock?

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Battery won't fit in retractible stock?

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Jared Fischer wrote: Ok, so I have a problem.... My gun battery belongs in the stock right, so when I put it in, It has barely enough room to squeeze in there. So when I bring the stock forward, (retractable stock) everything just pops out of the stock after I have placed the butt plate and stuff back on D:

I have the Airsoft GI Silent death and im using a 1400 mAh nunchuck battery
In general a retractable stock + internal battery = nonretractable stock

Crane stocks and other retractable stocks weren't designed to fit all the wires and batteries. But airsoft versions are designed to simulate the size of the real versions, so you're squeezing in a lot of bulky parts. Even if there was room to retract the stock (as in some airsoft crane stocks), it comes with a cost.

As you retract and extend the stock, you cause the wiring to bend and rub against the buffer tube and other parts. Over time this will damage the wiring and in some cases has been known to cause catastrophic electrical shorts that can burn out your wiring or melt your crane stock. More than once, I've seen crane stock batteries start smoking and nearly catch fire because of such electrical shorts.

Lets be real, you're buying a retractable stock because you think it looks cool, which is fine. Just keep it extended and don't futz with it after you get the battery in. Nobody needs to know you can't collapse it. If you really need to retract it to get it more compact, either use an external battery in a bag or PEQ box or buy a shorter AEG.

In future, always include links (it's a rule.) I had no idea what an Airsoft GI Silent Death was [It was a sort of M16/M4 carbine variant.]
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