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Madbull Chrono

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Madbull Chrono
by Moondog


• Portable
• Aluminum body
• Easy to read LED
• Able to cycle through various BB weights .20, .23, .25, etc.
• Velocity in Meters, Feet
• Energy in Jules
• ROF measurement (BBs/sec)

Let's start with sexier of the two; the MadBull. I purchased this for my team from and it's small. It's about the size of a 9.6v large type AEG battery (or smaller than a Green Gas bottle). You could easily fit it in a mag pouch on your tac vest if you wanted to spot chrono guys on the field.

Its powered by a single 9v toy battery. You have to use a philips screwdriver to remove one of the side panels of the body and the battery fits into the guts of the box. Fortunately 9v bats last forever so it shouldn't happen often. To conserve battery life, it automatically shuts down after 2 minutes. So you may need to hit the power button occasionally.

It comes with a sun shade, barrel guide that you screw on, into the front entry hole. You position the end of your gun barrel into this funnel and shoot through the skinnier side of the box to get a reading.

There is two tiny rubber buttons on the side of the chrono: 'mode change' and 'power/on'. You can cycle through the type of readings you want, such as meters per second or feet per second, BB weight.

Now here's the disappointing thing about BB weight. You can change the weight (ie. .20g, .23g, .25g, etc.) but it only give you a reading in Jules. Which isn't what most fields calculate with (most fields deal in feet/sec due to their insurance requirements.) What we really needed is a chronograph that will allow you to switch the BB weight calibration on the fly.

The default mode when it is turned on is in meters so when turning it on, remember to switch to FPS or your readings will be very low.

Build Quality: 10
Overall impression: 8
Value: ~8 (These are the cheapest chrono's on the market for now)
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