Big Dragon Chrono

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Big Dragon Chrono

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Big Dragon Chrono
by Moondog


Big Dragon Chrono

This is the newest portable chrono out. I purchased this in February while visiting Hong Kong. It too is tiny, about the size of an M14 magazine. Its body is aluminum with a silvery purplish color. The seams and some details on the body are a bit rough, sloppy and unrefined compared to the Madbull.

In form it's similar to the Guarder mini-chrono and like the Guarder chrono, its powered by a rechargeable internal battery. It comes with a cell phone type wall adaptor. I'm not sure about the battery life but I charged it overnight and I've been using it off and on for the past month. You can also power it directly though the adaptor.

There is a power switch in back and two control buttons on the front below the LED. You can cycle between Feet/sec, meters/sec, Jules, ROF and various BB weights (though only 4 weights: .20g, .25g, .30g, .42g, there is no .23g option.)

You can change the BB weight but it will only show you the results in 'Jules' mode. So this will NOT allow you to test an AEG using .20g and then have it tell you what the FPS would be if you were using .25g BB's.

The unit agrees with FPS results I have gotten using traditional table-top chronos used for Paintball. The default mode when it is turned on is in meters so when turning it on, remember to switch to FPS or your readings will be very low.

Build Quality: 9
Overall impression: 7.5
Value: ~8 (These are the cheapest chrono's on the market for now)

Testing Tips

Use White BBs
Like all airsoft mini-chrono's, it relies on a tiny set of LED lights and sensors within the box to measure the speed of your BB. So black and possibly green BB's will cause the chrono to give you an ERROR message or throw off the readings.

Wear Goggles
Testing airsoft guns is firing airsoft guns so wear protective eyewear. There are many accidental firings that happen during a chrono period so always wear eye protection.

Beware Downrange
The BB's fly through the chrono so be sure that it is safe to shoot it. Make sure nobody is around without goggles. If testing at home or indoors, put a towel or something to catch the BB's that fly through.

Fire straight and level
Because the chrono's are so small, you must make sure you are firing level. This is the usual cause of an ERROR reading when testing. You can accidentally shoot the inside of your chrono if you're being very lazy and sloppy.

Average shots
FPS varies from shot-to-shot depending on various conditions. Take an average of 5 or even 10 shots to determine your gun's FPS.
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