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UFC Chrono

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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvG-P72CTyM

Union Force Company (UFC) airsoft chronograph
revew by Moondog

If you work on your gearbox, or upgrade you airsoft gun, you need see if the work you've done has made any difference or improvement. You need a reliable measure the speed of the BB as it exits your gun. You need a chrono, like the Union Force Company PRO-Chronograph from Evike.com

The PRO-Chrono comes in a charcoal, black carboard box. Inside you will find the manuals, the chrono itself, a silver barrel channel funnel, a wall charger plug, and an ample, perhaps ridiculous amount of protective padding.

The PRO-chrono has a plastic reminiscent of a Magpull P-Mag waffle pattern. On the bottom of the unit, is a camera tripod mounting hole.

The unit has a built in rechargeable NiMh battery. On the back, you'll find the charging port and below it the charging light. Before using it for the first time, the manual advises owners to charge the unit for 4 hours.

Unlike older plastic designs, the BB channel is all metal and well armored against ricochets.

Next to the front LCD display are power and menu selector buttons. The display is back lit but it could be a lot brighter. The display is hard to read in bright sunlight.

It has a handy battery status display so you can see graphically how much of a charge it has left. The other menus include options to turn off the LCD backlight, change the power saving auto-off timer, change the BB weight so the unit can automatically display the velocity energy in joules and approximate maximum range. And change the display from meters to feet per second.

In use PROChrono works like most airsoft chronos. You turn the unit on. Place the barrel of your gun into the funnel in the front and fire. The until will display the speed of the BB fired. If you fire in full-auto for over 3 seconds, the unit will also display your guns rate-of-fire, in rounds per minute.

If the unit displays an error 'TOUT', it's likely the gun is not completely level to the unit. 90% of the time, shooters tend to fire slightly downwards, so adjust their weapon or stance.

This is a great little chrono. It's only slightly larger than a PEQ box. It's portable enough to carry with you so you can spot check guns on the field. The display is a little dark and hard to read but it does the job. At $65 it's the most affordable chrono on the market.

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