AAR APEX: Phantom Lockport, IL 9.27.15

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AAR APEX: Phantom Lockport, IL 9.27.15

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I flew out to the Chicago Airsoft Association (CAA) sole annual open attendance event Apex.

For a few years now, my buddies in the Mid-West told me about this 15 yr old private organization that is selective in allowing teams and guests become a part of it. The game play style really stresses leadership for the 3 ranks deep in platoon control and communication with squad mates ( I.E. pay attention, don't dick around). Game scoring started right when you went to register for the day. The man behind this event series and the CAA is Bryan K. Monahan (callsign scape goat, or scape for short), he had an answer to get players motivated to get on the field.

Each player was required to show certain items upon check-in, each was a single point value. If your Platoon had the highest points before game start, your platoon got to insert first (1 for each faction color). That's self explanatory on how useful that was. The items required were: radio, challenge coin from any event (national or from CAA itself), map of the days game, and whats known as the * Tri-fold*. Which is the a PDF print out that you fold in 3 with all the games rules down to bullet points and radio freq's assigned so no listening and no changing which has to be kept on you at all times.

With 2 factions being Green Vs Tan focusing on score, not Kills based on moving to a point and reporting it in to game control while protecting the squads combat controller which is the Admin's eye on how they function during scripted and unscripted events.

This particular game in the series " Phantom" added a pair of players in urban digital whose sole goal is to sneak around to get as close as possible to either team. Then ambush them when given the attack order. The squad of Tan I was on, nearly got ambushed till i spotted them while we controlled this very hilly plateau.

It was a lot of walking and played against instincts to stay and shoot, that wasn't the objective since it was about location management with scheduled search & destroy. The platoon leader has to inform the embed combat controller to which point they will move to on the map. The further away the location the more points they receive, once its passed up to game control as to where they are going to. They have to all be within 15 feet of the location marker before the combat controller can call it in that they made it there safely. Should any casualties take place, the controller informs game control and points are deducted, thus its better to keep moving if any contact. Should the combat controller be killed its major points lost for the platoon. The combat controller has a very simple load out carrying just a springer shotgun and cannot be offensive but will defend himself or use you as a meat shield to get out of dodge.

If any players are killed, they have to red rag and ghost the platoon till they are allowed to regen at the point they move to. As well as no reloading is allowed till the platoon itself regens, with a magazine cap of 8 mags per person and only 2 box mags per SAW. This isn't the typical run and gun of local or national common games.

Our platoon had the advantage since I welded the newest iteration of the Daytona Gun engine, the PKM. It the loudest you'll hear at a game short of blank fire. With a box mag capable of 5,000 bb's and lugging around 2 plus spare bags, it did make me far slower than usual. But well worth it, I was a grinning bastard while shooting and had to keep covering my mouth so I wouldn't loose a tooth.

Now onto the videos

First I have to explain this video:

Some years ago I started doing business with a man by the name of Tony Rizzo, he is the sole distributor for the Daytona Gun engines, his company is called TNKguns.com T

They provide an experience that is unmatched at fields across the country, able to operate under water, coming out of water and down to 85 PSI and still provide substantial kick. With over 5 years business relation ship with national events and shot show trips together it does give me an advantage.

here is the debut of the long awaited Daytona gun PKM, there is only 1 in the USA till more kits arrive around Thanksgiving and I was the first to use it in a game and now own it:

I've also followed up with running dual cameras at an event:

It being an outdoor thick forest event, there is only so much the camera can capture

Front camera

Rear Camera

In this clip, I felt bad for my buddy Erik from Chicago land area. I just started firing while I was behind him and he just hit the ground:

one thing to fear is whenever green might show up at a point location at the same time:

Final front/rear clip of the game



This is the group shot we took in game with the help of game control.
That's me on the far left holding the DG PKM
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