Rules: Submitting Product Reviews

Submit your Product Reviews for posting into this website.
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Rules: Submitting Product Reviews

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Rules: Moondog Review Standards
by Moondog

The Review Forums are for posting reviews. Not asking for reviews.
If you want to discuss an airsoft gun, go into the discussion threads.

Posting Reviews
Anyone is welcome to post a review in this Forum. These are works-in-progress. The staff and members will read your Review and request additional content or edits if required.

DO NOT write a half-baked review like the User Reviews found on ShortyUSA. All reviews posted on this board should be up to the standards of excellence of other reviews on this board, Airsoft Retreat. Here's a basic guide for writing a good one.

Review Template for Weapons
Section 1 - Basic Information
Section 2 - The Review
Section 3 - The Pictures
Section 4 - Accuracy/ROF/FPS
Section 5 - Final notes

Basic Information
• List the name and model of the item along with a link to where you can purchase it.
• List where you can purchase it.
• List real-steel/life information about it.

The Review
Being able to write a review requires context and perspective. You can't write a good review about a product if you've never owned or used an alternative. So make sure you've used a fair number of airsoft products before you write your first review.
• Describe its external look and feel and packaging
• Describe its build quality
• Describe the parts and accessories
• Describe its gearbox, motor and internals (if possible)
• Discuss its upgradability

The Pictures
All reviews should have well photographed pictures of the weapon and details of its features.
• Learn how to turn on MACRO mode on your camera otherwise your photo may be blurry: this is the close-up focus mode often designated by a flower icon.
• Don't use your cameras flash. It blows out details and creates reflections.
• If you're shooting indoors, use plenty of lamps around the object. The more lamps the better.
• Shoot outdoor in daylight if possible
• Steady yourself or use a tripod.

Performance, Accuracy, ROF, FPS
• Use a paper with a printed standard target (Google 'Pistol Target')
• Position the target 35ft or 50ft from a static and secured weapon. Use a couple bags of BB's to rest it on or strap it down if possible. Firing from a standing position is not a consistent way to test accuracy.
• ROF and FPS are best measured using an airsoft chronograph machine.

Final notes
Spend a few days or weeks with your new toy. If possible play a game or two with it and have others try it to get more perspective.
• Wrap it up with an evaluation.
• Describe any issues, fixes or mods.
• State some Pro's and Con's
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