Costa Contract 2


The Costa Contract is a MilSim game for players who can handle more realistic wounding and kill rules. Players who have the endurance to take on a non-stop 3.5hr firefight. Each Faction will be playing on behalf of a charity, with raffle prizes donated by Find out more on Facebook

08:00-09:00 Registration/Chrono
09:00-10:00 Briefing/Intro Mission
10:00-14:00 Tantalum Contract
14:00-15:00 Lunch and Raffle
15:00-17:00 Full-Auto Trigger Time

NO walk-ons or Field Payments accepted. Admission must be purchased in advance at Deadline to purchase or to request refund is August 1. Wrist bands and waiver will be mailed. Wrist band will allow you event entry, a complimentary lunch, game patch and is your raffle ticket ($20 value.) Treat your wrist-band as cash. Do not lose it.

• Semi capable weapons only (there will be no full-auto play during the Costa Contract scenario)

• Pistol or shotgun firing ≥350fps as sidearm

• ≥350fps w/0.20g for any assault rifle or SMG

• ≥400fps w/0.20g outside of buildings only

• MidCap magazines recommended

• HiCap magazines may be used like MidCaps but may not be wound on your weapon

• ANSI z87.1 rated full-seal, goggles with elastic straps (no shooting glasses or mesh without secondary protection)

• Face masks required: plastic, wire mesh, or neoprene masks. Cloth face covers not allowed eg. shemaghs, balaclavas, bandanas

• Minors must have waiver signed by a parent or guardian

• +15yrs with a mature, respectful attitude

• Prior airsoft experience recommended

• Red “dead” rag

• To complete the missions it is strongly recommended that you bring a digital camera, videocam, or camera equipped cell-phone

• A uniform that complies to the requirements of the faction you purchased your ticket to join. Players who arrive in the wrong uniform will be asked to leave and return with appropriate attire before being admitted to the event.
The Costa Contract is an MilSim game set in the shadowy world of Private Military Contractors (PMC). Your mercenary army has been hired by a multinational corporation to take control of the world’s largest tantalum refinery in Ubinda, Africa. Pitted against you are two rival firms and the corporations that back them.

The companies are ruthless. The rewards are lucrative. And you are expendable.
Uniform requirements will be strictly enforced. Chose the company you wish to ‘work for’. Click on the ticket purchase link to buy your faction ticket. Visit the company websites (below) to learn about the history and background of your team.

Angle Sino Security
Company website:
Uniform: Black tops with any dark solid colored pants (no camo patterns). Any vest color/camo (black recommended)
Charity: Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund

G.R.D. Enterprises
Company website:
Uniform: Desert camo tops and matching camo pants or khakis (including UCP/ACU, Atacs FG & AU, Kryptek Mandrake and Nomad, and MultiCam). Any color/camo vest except black.
Charity: California Academy of Sciences

Company website:
Uniform: Any green/woodland or blue camo with matching pants (including Krytek Mandrake). Any color/camo vest except black.
Charity: Team Rubicon


Learn more about the game on Facebook

Video from previous game

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