Tantalum Contract 2018


$45/pp pre-order Only. No walk-on tickets will be sold on field


On Target Paintball

35 Sheep Pen Hill Rd, Pemberton, New Jersey 08068
The Tantalum Contract is a MilSim game set in the shadowy world of Private Military Contractors in Africa. This game is for players who can role-play and can handle more realistic wounding and kill rules. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Foundation. Registered players will receive a complimentary raffle ticket with prizes provided by On Target Paintball.

The Contract Series is for players who enjoy role-play, realistic wounding and kill rules, and mission objectives go beyond getting ‘moar kills’. Mature and honorable players only. Choose 1 of 3 factions. This exciting event will take place at an insured & sanctioned Airsoft park for a day of controlled and organized fun! Tantalum Contract 8 features heavy trigger time in an objective oriented scenario. It is a battle for a cause and is made possible by the responsible and awesome Airsofters like yourself!
• If you enjoyed Bad Blood but wanted a more MilSim game, Tantalum Contract is perfect
• A new +100 acre field for the Tantalum Contract
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