T4T:NY December 13


Join us for our annual USMC’s Toys for Tots drive and CQB event. Players who donate a new, un-giftwrapped toy worth $10 or more will get $15 OFF their next SFS game and a raffle ticket. This will be a private game before the field opens for normal hours. Absolutely no walk-on players so we can keep out the unsportsmanlike players.

December 13, 2014

0800-0830 Sign-in
0830-1130 Private CQB games
1130-1200 Lunch and Raffle

Strike Force Sports
450 Commack Road, Deer Park, NY 11729
Additional parking in rear of building

$20/pp DEADLINE 12/1
No walk-ons. Tickets must be pre-purchased at Evike.com. 60 players max. Event fee includes private indoor field rental and game swag. Processing fee may apply.

• 350fps limit with .20g BB’s for all weapons
• All guns must fire semi-only
• A pistol side-arm or shotgun
• ANSI rated eyewear with full seal and straps (no shooting glasses or mesh w/o 2ndary eyewear)
• Face Protection (Balaclavas, shemaghs, Masks, bandanas, sniper veils)
• Hard Face Protection for minors (mesh or plastic masks)
• Gloves recommended
• Barrel Condoms for SMGs and rifles (those without condoms will be required to buy them from the field)
• Green gas only–No propane tanks!
• PStars must have semi-fire electronic ROF limiters

Team uniforms will be based on the base color/camo of the cloth. Vest color does not matter.

SHADOWS: Green based camo, black or blue, A-TACS fg

GHOSTS: Tan based camo, Multicam, ACU/UCP, ABU and A-TACS au


This event is open to registered members of NYCAirsoft.com. If you have any questions or for more information post in the official event thread: http://www.nycairsoft.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=3206

T4T:NY Facebook page


The Costa Contract 11.15.14


ABOUTThe companies are ruthless. The rewards are lucrative. And you are expendable.

The Costa Contract is an MilSim-style CQB game set in the shadowy world of Private Military Contractors (PMC). Your mercenary army has been hired by a multinational corporation to take control of the world’s largest tantalum refinery in Ubinda, Africa. Pitted against you are two rival firms and the corporations that back them.

Based on the long running Tantalum Contract series, this CQB event will feature long duration missions, unique body armor and medic rules. Choose 1 of 3 factions, each playing to win donations for its designated charity. For more information go to the official Facebook Events page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1475697082668738/

This year, we’re adding a special GoFundMe charity, to buy an artificial leg for local player and team captain Perry “BNK3R” Ralston

Saturday, November 15, 2014 

Gamepod Combat Zone
1400 W 4th St Unit 2
Antioch, California 94509
(925) 784-5550

150 players (50 players per team.) NO walk-ons or Field Payments. Admission includes entry, lunch, a tactical gift and a raffle ticket ($20 value.) Tickets must be purchased in advance at Evike.com. A $5 shipping fee will be added at checkout. Deadline to purchase/cancel tickets is November 3. Wrist bands and waiver will be mailed November 6.

150 players (50 players per team.) NO walk-ons or Field Payments. Admission includes lunch, a tactical gift and a raffle ticket ($20 value.) Tickets must be purchased in advance at Evike.com (shipping and handling may apply). Deadline to purchase/cancel tickets is November 3.

See Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1475697082668738/

Uniform requirements will be strictly enforced. Visit the company websites (below) to learn about the history and background of your team.

Angle Sino Security
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/516498551829424/
Company website: http://anglosinosecurity.blogspot.com
Uniform: Black tops with any dark solid colored pants (no camo patterns). Any vest color/camo (black recommended)
Charity: Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund

G.R.D. Enterprises
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/325515854290313/
Company website: http://globalresourcedefense.blogspot.com
Uniform: Desert camo tops and matching camo pants or khakis (including UCP/ACU, Atacs, and MultiCam). Any color/camo vest except black.
Charity: California Academy of Sciences

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1449516315310186/
Company website: http://kievafrikaner.blogspot.com
Uniform: Blue or solid OD green tops (no camo patterns) with matching pants or blue jeans. Any color/camo vest except black.
Charity: BNK3R Recovery Fund http://www.GoFundMe.com/Drock



OP: Fallout 6 – WEST


For the first time ever, an airsoft game will be played on both costs on the same weekend. Fallout 6 is now Fallout WEST and Fallout EAST. The team leaders from the CA game will brief their sister team in NY and the winning team will get a special starting bonus.

Inspired by the video game series, FALLOUT®, this event features unique rules designed to simulate the experience of leveling up in game and survival/scrounging in a post-apocalyptic world. Each team will compete to earn donations for their team’s charity: My Brighter Tomorrow, Team Rubicon and the Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum.

Saturday, August 23, 2014
12:30-13:30 Chrono/Sign-in
14:00-19:00 Game
19:00-20:00 Raffle

ARC Airsoft
2120 San Benito St, Hollister, CA 95125

$25 Early Bird Discount (SOLD OUT)
$35 Regular Admission (deadline 8/1/14)
Purchase your admission online at Evike.com. Print out your Evike receipt as your ticket. A $5 service fee will be added at checkout. Online ticket purchasers will receive a special edition OP: Fallout game patch and a complementary raffle ticket ($10 value). Deadline for refunds is 8/15/14.


Read more here: http://www.nycairsoft.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=2998

OP: Fallout 6 – EAST


This will be an unprecedented national event, a 2-day airsoft game held on opposite coast. This game will be a continuation of OP: Fallout West held in California on Saturday. The team leaders from that game will brief their sister team in NY and the winning team will get a special starting bonus. Inspired by the video game series, FALLOUT®, this event features unique rules designed to simulate the experience of leveling up in game and survival/scrounging in a post-apocalyptic world. Each team will compete to earn donations for their team’s charity: The Monterey Aquarium, Team Rubicon and the Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

09:30-10:30 Chrono/Sign-in
11:00-16:00 Game
17:00-18:00 Raffle

Zulu 24 Airsoft Tactical Park
580 Toleman Road
Rock Tavern, N.Y. 12575

(347) 470-ZULU (9858)

$25 Early Bird Discount (SOLD OUT)
$35 Discount Online Admission (SOLD OUT)
Purchase your admission online at Evike.com. Print out your Evike receipt as your ticket. A $5 service fee will be added at checkout. Online ticket purchasers will receive a special edition OP: Fallout game patch and a complementary raffle ticket ($10 value). Deadline for refunds is 8/15/14.

To participate in pre-game planning with the game staff, we encourage you to create a free account on the NYC Airsoft board. Please remember to use your field Callsign as your Log-In ID and post a photo of your face as your avatar to qualify: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=379

Find out more at : http://www.nycairsoft.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=3051


There will be NO walk-ons allowed at this event. A previous walk-on price was originally but that policy was changed in June and corrected on the Official Forum Page. Due to a oversight, that information was not updated on the Front-page announcements. Unfortunately the event is currently SOLD OUT and any players showing up without pre-paid tickets will be turned away. We apologize for any miscommunication. Please always, check the FORUM Events page for the most up-to-date event info. These postings on our Front Page are news announcements they day they are posted but are not always current information.  

Counter Shading

Camouflage Techniques: Counter Shading
by Moondog

One key technique used in military camouflage but I seldom see used in airsoft, is that of ‘counter shading’. Which simply put, is using a lighter shade in areas that are usually in shadow (the underside of an object) and painting darker shades in areas that are usually in direct light (the top). A good example can seen in aircraft from WW2 to the 1980’s.

The principle is discussed in Sniper School when applying face-paint. http://www.olive-drab.com/od_soldiers_gear_camo_face.php


Most beginners actually do the opposite and paint lighter on top and darker on the bottom which actually makes the shape of your rifle stand out more, because it enhances the shadows that our eyes use to make out the physical shape of an object. Brayski used the countershading technique in painting the barrel and scope of his sniper rifle. Because you don’t see the usual shadows under the scope, it makes the shape flatten out and meld with the background even though the pattern and color doesn’t match.


Another painting technique uses just 2 colors like tan and OD. With tan, paint over the entire AEG. Then paint the darker OD along the top half of all surfaces. Use a fading wave-like edge separating the colors. Then using spotting bursts to break up the edge, similar to the ME262 below. This technique does not require any stenciling or masking.

Messerschmitt Me 262A at the National Museum of the USAF.jpg

Tidbit: Why Isn’t counter shading used on US fighters today?
Countershading has a downside in fighter dogfights: showing the direction the aircraft is banking. But it is still quite effective and is still used by ground attack aircraft and is still used by Russian/Soviet attack fighters.

Countershading was used on US tanks in the early part of WW2 but was dropped for simplification of production and in practical use, dirt and mud covered such paint jobs rendering them moot. But the theory was still sound.

Image Image

Note counter shading white paint on the underside of the canon barrel wheels and suspension undercarriage.

And finally here is an excerpt from the US Naval paint instruction manual from WW2 along with a diagram showing the use of the “Graded Paint Scheme” intended for use against other surface ships in theaters of operation where threat of aerial attack was minimal.http://www.hnsa.org/doc/camo/index.htm




This measure is intended for use on combatant ships in areas where bright weather with fair visibility predominates, and high angle aerial observation is unlikely, and there is a likelihood of a gunnery engagement. There will be some reduction of visibility when viewed from low-flying planes, and from higher altitudes at extended ranges.

Method of Application

Navy Blue 5-N To be applied to the hull to the height of the main deck edge at its lowest point, as shown on Plates XIV to XVII. The upper edge of this Navy Blue area should be horizontal.

Haze Gray 5-H All remaining vertical surfaces and all masts and small gear.

Deck Blue 20-B All decks and horizontal surfaces visible from aerial observation. Under sides of overhanging horizontal surfaces may be painted white (5-U) to lighten shadows.

How effective is it? Well if evolution is any guide, lighter coloration on underbellies are found in both prey animals and predators.

Image Image

Guide: Camouflage

World Camouflage Patterns and BDU’s
by Moondog

Camo is one of my favorite parts of airsoft. I’d like to share some of my links and resources for camo history and references. A good camo is a contradiction. It functions to both conceal you and to identify you. Nothing makes your team look more like a team than when all of your members wear the same pattern.

There are hundreds of camo types. Each country’s military has its own and even within a country’s military, it’s not uncommon for different branches, divisions, and units to adopt their own uniqe type. Some countries have adopted camo patterns of other contries (ie. the Iraq military uses our phased out 6-color desert “chocolate chip” pattern) or in some cases copies another countries design and modifies it (ie. CADPAT and MARPAT).

There really is no ‘best’ camo. Just like football teams or AEG’s, everybody has a bias for their camo pattern. But we can talk about what camo works better for the time and place.


US Woodland is the most common and most copied pattern in the world. It’s so common that even the bad-guys wear it due to it’s broad availability (even Bin Ladin wears it in his vidoes?!) It is also the most common pattern used in airsoft.

Woodland relies primarily on tonal contrast (dark and light shapes) to break up the wearers silhouette. It’s brown, green, OD, and black colors were chosen to best blend in with the landscape of Germany and central Europe (developed at the end of the Cold War). In the varied terrain of North America it’s best used in late spring and Summer in heavily green and wooded areas. A liability in dry arid fields and during winter/late fall in seasonal fields.

Image Image
3-Color Desert (TriColor) and 6-Color is the second most common airsoft camo due to its surplus supply. DCU 3-Color was developed as a cheaper replacement for the earlier 6-color ‘Chocolate-Chip’ desert camo used in the Gulf War. It was desiged for the Arabian desert and arid MOUT environment. Somewhat more useful in the fall/winter than Woodland, it can stand out in very lush greeen folliage of Summer.

Image Image
MARPAT the US’s first fielded ‘digital’ camo. The USMC’s MARPAT (short for MARine Disruptive PATtern) was based on the success of Canada’s CADPAT (though some argue how much) Digital patterns rely on small color shapes and variations to create a blending texture to the background. A similar effect is achieved using non-digital means by Flecktarn.

MARPAT comes in woodland, desert, and urban (not officially deployed) variants. All more effective in blending in with the environment than either traditional Woodland or 3-Color. DMARPAT is slightly more useful for fall/winter woods, arid and urban terrain. The Marine’s did a much better job than the Army in choosing colors for the specific environments.

UNIVERSAL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN (often mistakenly referred to as ACU) is the US Army’s new all-in-one pattern of tan-grey-foliage derived from the MARPAT pattern. It was was chosen under the assumption that in future conflicts the US Army would be fighting in urbanized environments. There have been prototypes of UCP in other colors but there are no plans to produce it.

UCP has become a very popular airsoft camo because of it’s standard use by the US Army since 2005. In field games it blends well against rocks, gravel, buildings and deadfall. But in the lush greens of summer folliage, it tends to stand out. ‘Commercial’ and early batch ACU has a slightly blue/grey tint compared to current Army issue has a tan/pink tint. It works very well in winter and on CQB fields. ACU stands for “Army Combat Uniform” which actually the name for the design of the uniform.

Image Image
TigerStripe utilized by US Speical Forces since Vietnam, it’s longevity proves its effectiveness. Commercialy availiable in both desert and standard ‘jungle’ colors. TigerStripe thin and rougher edged shapes better blend in with the folliage than Woodland. A new digital variant is the new camo pattern of the US Airforce. Contrary to myth, TigerStripe was not designed to simulate a ‘blur’ to allow a soldier to be concealed while moving through jungle, nor is it designed to be only used prone to simulate tree trunks. Desert TigerStripe contains hints of OD green that allow it to be used year round in many environemnts. Visually, it shares similar properties to Brittish desert DPM. In summer woods, it blends well against tree trunks and wood bunkers.

MultiCam is known as the Gucci of camo partly for its exceptional cost. But it is more than worth its price due to its effectiveness. Made only by New York’s CRYE Precision, it has become bootlegged by Chinese knock-offs. MiltiCam was an outgrowth of an earlier ‘Scorpion’ pattern that Crye developed for the US Army’s Future Warrior Program. The Army instead chose UCP because of a misguided desire for a ‘digital’ pattern to keep up with the USMC’s MARPAT. It is utilized by SOC units and is has now been issued to US Army units entering Afghanistan.

Its small pattern size and active blending of browns to light greens throughout the fabric allow it to blend in with the broadest range of enviroments of any camo I have seen. It works effectively year round in seasonal fields and is quite effective in urban CQB as well.

Image Image Image Image
DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) is the pattern used by Brittish Armed Forces. An early version was used by Brittish paratroopers in WWII. Though similar in color palette to US camo, DPM’s paint brush shapes better blend in with folliage. Desert DPM has gone through some variants from 2-color to the current 4-color. Safariflage is a commercial version of DPM with a more ‘universal’ color palette. Actually quite effective year round but some question its MilSim authenticity.

Image Image Image
Flecktarn is the camo of the German Army (Bundeswehr). Its small colored dots work in the same way as digital camo’s in breaking up a silhouette through visual texture. Tropentarn is the desert variant. It is fairly easy to find Flectarn uniforms in US surplus retailers. Flecktarn is an exceptionally good camo pattern for woods year round.

Type03 is the Chinese Army ripped-off version of Flecktarn. Exact same pattern but with a brown/grey color scheme, used by PLA troops in Tibet. Difficult to get, it is insanely good for blending in with winter/fall foliage.

RealTree, Smokey Branch, Mossy Oak Also known as NOOBCAM. Don’t wear ‘hunting’ camo to an airsoft game. Airsoft is a military simulation game and you will not earn much of a rep for wearing hunting or paintball clothing to an airsoft game. You’re better off wearing kahki cargo pants and a black polo shirt (at least you’ll look like a contractor.)


An exceptionally broad database of world camo patterns, with background info and a very usable thumnail gallery.

A Pennsylvania based surplus store that specializes in hard to find camo types from around the world.

Henrick’s Camoflage of the World
A friend from Denmark, Henrick Clausen’s website shows off his amazing private collection of camo.

Military Morons
A personal site created by a fellow military geek and gear whore. Featuring some great articles on MARPAT and Multicam as well as real steel weaponry.

Dusty’s Depot
This guy does a decent job of comparing different US camo types in different environments. Some of the photography could be better.

A great web article on the history of camo and various US camo types.

A UK surplus retailer that sells DPM and…you guesed it, Flecktarn.

MARPAT on Wikipedia

ACU on Wikipedia

TigerStripe on Wikipedia

DPM on Wikipedia
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disruptive … n_Material


Flecktarn on Wikipedia

OP: Seabird 2GUN

To help raise funds for Typhoon Haiyan aid, Ricochet Tactical and NYC Airsoft are organizing an airisoft 2-Gun competition. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Team Rubicon, who are setting up field hospitals in the Philippines.

A 2-Gun competition will comprise a timed, plate-target course. Each competitor will fire both a rifle and pistol, switching between them at a specific time during the course. Players without  guns will be lent one or they may rent them from Ricochet Tactical. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishers.

Space is limited to the first 12 registrants. Donation to Team Rubicon required to register (previous donations to OP: Seabird CQB qualify). For details and to register go to the NYC Airosft forum: http://www.nycairsoft.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=2615