Wasteland 9


A nuclear holocaust has rendered most of the planet a desert wasteland. Radiation levels are incalculable. A shadowy government agency contracted Vault-Tec to build a network of underground Vaults to house the survivors. The Master has built an army of mutant survivors and outcasts, as well as a fiercely loyal unit of heavily armed soldiers called The Enclave.

For Registration and Event Information go to the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/138412760077956
September 10, 2017

C&C Airsoft
50 Lackawanna Dr.
Stanhope, NJ

All tickets must be pre-purchased at Evike.com. No walk-on ticket purchase at the field. Deadline for refund is Monday, September 1, 2017



  • 500fps limit w/ .25g BB’s for bolt-action sniper weapons
  • 400fps limit w/ .25g BB’s for all other guns (eg. AEGs, DMRs, GBB, etc.)
  • Full-Seal goggles with retention (No shooting glasses)
  • No mesh goggles without secondary eye protection
  • Barrel Condom/Blockers for all rifles
  • (2) red “dead” rags
  • Nametape with your name/callsign or duct tape with your callsign written on it taped to your vest or helmet
  • A minimum of 2 quarts water/hydration
  • Field rations (no food for sale on site)
  • Boots (sturdy footwear recommended with ankle support)
  • Watch/Timepiece
  • Adults must present valid photo ID along with both signed waivers (C&C and Evike/NYCAirsoft)
  • Minors +13 years old must have parent or guardian signed waiver set
  • FRS/GMRS Radios are required of ALL players
  • Pea grenades, fuse lit smoke grenades, and pyrotechnic grenades are PROHIBITED



  • Players must use game supplied 0.25g Evike Matrix BB’s for PHASES 1 and 2 of the game (supplied free of charge.) Player’s may use their own BB’s for PHASE 3.



:: Wasteland_Survival_Guide_2017B ::


Operation: Wasteland is a sci-fi variant of a MilSim airsoft game. All factions start with limited ammunition and must find extra ammo on the field or trade bottle caps for more from the Caravan or The Merchant. Teams must find Rad-X Boxes and hoard them in their HQ. The team with the most Rad-X Boxes at the end of the game will be the winner. Teams may raid other team’s HQ for their boxes and supplies.

Each phase of Operation:Wasteland will have specific rules of engagement and authorized weapons. Each phase will also have tasks, missions and objectives that must be completed before leveling up the phases.
There are three distinct teams fighting throughout the Wasteland. Each faction has their own motivations and ideas on how the Wasteland should be explored, and ultimately, conquered.

Uniform requirements will be strictly enforced. Vest colors do not matter, with one major exception. Team uniforms are defined by shirt/top color and pattern. Headgear should be as close to the shirt pattern as possible. Note: Black vests are reserved for Newhaven Mercs ONLY
Harlem Militia
Uniform: MultiCam/Desert Tan/Atacs patterns (NO black vests, rigs, or plate carriers)
A paramilitary organization from the Southern section of the Wasteland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/326116444205014/
Charity: The California Academy of Science

Hudson Rangers
Uniform: All green and woodland patterns (NO black vests, rigs, or plate carriers)
A survivalist group from the Northwestern section of the Wasteland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/346331648857803/
Charity: The Exploratorium

Newhaven Mercs
Uniform: Black and shadow patterns (Any color vest, rig, or plate carrier)
Mercenaries and hired guns from the Northeastern section of the Wasteland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/879151305448299/
Charity: The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Non-faction players act as antagonists, allies and guides throughout the Wasteland. Some characters will aid you, for a price. Some character’s sole motivation is to destroy you and your entire faction.

The Enclave
The Enclave are a unit of heavily armed soldiers, using almost indestructible Power Armor Suits. The Enclave are generously paid for their allegiance to The Master.

The mutants are a human race that could not escape the effects of the nuclear fallout. They are loyal to The Master, and will stop at nothing to rid the Wasteland of interlopers.

Vault Dwellers
The Vault Dwellers have been living in seclusion for the past 100 years. They possess very unique medical abilities, but are scared off very easily.

The Merchant
The Merchant is a self serving, mysterious character. He takes pride and joy in providing the best possible deals on ammunition, equipment and supplies in the entire Wasteland.

The Master
The Master is a shadowy figure, controlling the Wasteland from a secret location. No one has ever seen The Master, and reports on his or her whereabouts never lead to capture and prosecution.

The Broadcaster
The Broadcaster is the administrative host and DJ on Fallout Radio

If you have any questions please contact us via the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/138412760077956

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