ABOUT is coming to the East Coast to hold their annual customer appreciation game, co-produced by Moondog Industries and EMR. A portion of the event proceeds will be donated the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund). 

In the aftermath of an outbreak of Ebola, a 1/3 of Congo’s population is dead and the country is in open civil war. The CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control) has put out a bounty for fresh virus samples from the affected regions to try and isolate the new Ebola strain. The country is split into 4 warring factions. Each faction has sent armed medical teams into the hot zone to find the most viral samples. For update INTEL briefings, go to our Facebook page

• Sunday Flea Market (players may sell gear)
• Dead Blood weapons restrictions further detailed (see Player Packet)
• Additional stationary spawn locations
• 30% larger game AO (Area of Operations)
• HPA guns must have external zip tied Tournament locks (taped over or zip ties directly on regs will no longer be accepted)


EMR Event Park

577 Wolf’s Lair Road

New Milford, PA 18834


Operation Schedule


17:00-20:00 Early chrono and registration


08:00-09:30 Chrono/Sign In

09:30-10:00 Group Photo and Briefing

10:00-11:00 Deployment and Faction Briefing

11:00-17:00 Game On

17:30-18:00 Raffle

SUN 24 Bonus Games

09:00-09:45 Chrono and Wristband check

09:45-10:00 Briefing

10:00-11:30 OP: Dead Blood (see Special Weapon Restrictions)

12:00-14:00 Skirmish games (regular weapons)


$49/per player

13yrs or older unless accompanied by a paid Adult (photo ID proof of age required)

All tickets must be pre-purchased through Evike. 

Tickets will NOT be sold at the field.

Ticket cancelation/return deadline: June 15, 2018


Bunk houses and Camping Sites through EMR. Be aware of all EMR regulations and deposit requirements. Reserve online


The EMR is a full-service field and offers free air fills for OPBB players running P* and HPA powered guns. Tournament locks on regulators required.


Smok’n Jay’s BBQ will be offering delicious meals for sale, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, including hot breakfast, lunch and dinners. 


EMR sells all required safety gear and Jakal Airsoft will be offering airsoft guns and tactical gear for sale as well as BBs and green gas. 


Players must bring all of these required items to sign-in. Players lacking any item or wearing incorrect camo will NOT be allowed to play. No exceptions. 

FPS LIMITES will be strictly enforced with spot checks during the game.

• 400fps w/ .25g BB limit for semi-automatic and full-auto guns

• 500fps w/ .25g BB limit for bolt-action rifles

• 30rps maximum ROF for all guns

• Bio-BB’s ONLY

• P-Stars and HPA powered guns must have external TOURNAMENT locks that cover their adjustment valve and are zip-tied. Tape or zip-ties through regulator holes will no longer be accepted. ie.

• Full-Seal goggles with retention (No shooting glasses)

• No mesh goggles without secondary eye protection

• All players must wear face protection: cloth, mesh, neoprene, or plastic 

• All players must wear ear protection: cloth, hats, helmets, goggle straps, or mesh

• Barrel Condom/Blockers for all rifles (socks and gloves are not sufficient) 

• Red “dead” rag

• Nametape or duct tape with your name/callsign on your vest or helmet 

• >2 quarts water/hydration

• Field rations (bring your own food)

• Boots (sturdy footwear recommended with ankle support)

• Watch/Timepiece

• Players must present valid photo ID if asked

• Printed copy of Evike Receipt or Order Confirmation Email

• Filled out and print copy of EMR/Evike waiver

• FRS/GMRS radios (for emergency signaling)

• No player will be allowed on field without an OPBB wristband (issued at sign-in)


Only Sport Smoke® brand markers may be used during the game. Markers may NOT be used inside buildings 


• Pyrotechnic grenades 

• Pea grenades

ZOMBIE GAME (See Player Packet for complete restrictions)

• 333fps w/ .25g BB. all guns are restricted to Semi-Only fire

• Pistols, shotguns, springers rifles, and AEPs only 

• AEGs, HPA rifles and melee weapons are prohibited


Uniform will be strictly enforced. Team uniforms are defined by color and pattern. Players may generally wear any color/camo vest, helmet or harness but Black Shirts should avoid wearing green and Green’s Army should avoid wearing black. No hunting camo

The Black Shirts

Uniform: Black tops with any color/pattern pants

Background: Internal Security forces for former President Mobutu


Green’s Army 

Uniform: Any green camo or solid green uniform with matching camo pants

Background: Troops of the Congo Defense Forces loyal to General Green and the Private Security Forces of the Minister of Finance


Marxist Taskforce

Uniform: Solid tan or any desert camo including UCP/ACU (no ‘Transitional’ camo types ie. Multicam)

Background: Marxist guerrillas and “troops from socialist members of the African Union


Deus X 

Uniform: Matching transitional camo tops and pants: Multicam, Kryptek Mandrake or ATACs-fg tops. No solid tan tops/sleeves. 

Background: Armed militia of a Congolese Christian sect 


Tribal Militia (NPC team)

Uniform: Civilian plaid or Hawaiian printed shirts (except red, orange or yellow) with any type pants

Background: Farmers, deserters and regional militias defending their villages from potentially infected outsiders. 

This is an INVITE only OPFOR team. Players must contact Phridum or Moondog to request to join. 





For all game and pre-registration information/inquiries please contact or post on our Feacebook page:

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