Is airsoft legal?

Is airsoft legal in NYC?

Here’s the short answer:
No, not really, only under certain conditions

Here’s the long answer:
Airsoft is a legal activity outside of New York City. It is a thriving hobby throughout New York state and the nation. But airsoft replicas are not allowed to be sold in NYC due to city unless they are entirely clear or entirely brightly colored (ie. red, yellow, orange, etc.) due to New York City Administrative Code § 10-131(b) and New York City Administrative Code § 10-131(g)(1)(a). Read more here….

Don’t expect the NYPD to come knocking on your door with a warrant for your airsoft toys… unless you do something STUPID.

DO NOT play airsoft in New York City
DO NOT displaying your airsoft toys in public view
DO NOT play in a park or public space
DO NOT bring your airsoft guns to school
DO NOT act like a knucklehead